Courtesy Pilar Corrias (London)


Born in 1984, she lives and works in London and North Yorkshire.

Mary Ramsden’s paintings demonstrate the flexible and complex relationships between figuration and abstraction, the points where one yields to the other, the points where one resists the other. Uncertainty remains. Where representation is present in these paintings, it has a fleeting quality, as if Ramsden’s marks are not quite willing to be entirely subsumed within the pictorial, preferring to retain some autonomy. Drawing on ways of seeing both ancient and contemporary (notably those inaugurated by new technologies), these are paintings which insist on their own physicality, on the impossibility of their reduction to a simple image. It’s a way of capturing and sequencing these concrete those concrete abstractions, time and space.

Mary Ramsden graduated from Royal Academy. Her work has been exhibited in prominent museums and foundations  across  including Tate Britain, Drawing Room, Royal Academy of Arts, Saatchi Gallery, Withechapel Gallery, the Aspen Art Museum, the Fiorrucci Art Trust.

Pilar Corrias (London)

WENTRUP (Berlin)


Nightjar, 2022

Oil on canvas

66.9 x 43.3 in. / 170 x 110 cm

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