Aaron Curry

Grid-Trip 4, 2018

Screen print on Dibond wrapped with handmade STPI mixed cotton and abaca paper, gambit paper

46,5 x 44,1 x 3,5 in. / 118 x 112 x 9 cm

Collection Bredin Prat Foundation for contemporary art

Aaron Curry

Born in 1972, he lives and works in Los Angeles.

Aaron Curry’s work fuses a variety of sources from Modernism art (Calder, Miro) to African, Oceanic & Pre-Columbian art, together with urban art from L.A. culture (graffiti, road signage, fluo colors, digital). As a result, his totemic paintings-sculptures defines a mashed up original new form that escapes from those initial references and blur the boundaries by connecting imaginations and worlds, gradually achieving the transformation of one image into an other. He regards his expressive sculptures as paintings, composing them out of an assortment of flat, whimsically cut pieces of plywood, cardboard, or aluminum.

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