Courtesy the artist & Nusbaum Reding

Maja WEYERMANN (1962 – 2016)

Maja Weyermann’s images are not manipulated photographic reproductions, but digital reconstructions of particular buildings, more often of the Modernist style. Using the term Renderings, she constructs spaces digitally via a computer. From original plans or measurements she herself devises, Weyermann simulates a real space in a virtual universe. The different architectural elements, such as walls, windows and stairs, as well as the interior furniture, are all virtual. The apparent objectivity of these images is diluted when we look at them closely because the shifts of light, perspective, and time that we see make the interiors seem as though they are in a state of suspension. Questions about the site’s reality / materiality and about the boundaries of the space or its layout… may destabilize the viewer.

Maja Weyermann studied painting at the Universität der Künste Berlinand the Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, and has won numerous prizes for her work. Recent selected exhibitions include those held at Le Corbusierhaus in Berlin (2015, 2010) and the Stedejlik Museum in Amsterdam (2014). In 2008 she exhibited her project Chandigarhin the India International Center, New Delhi, Museum of Fine Arts, Chandigarh, and the Gallery Vera Munro in Hamburg.

Nusbaum Reding (Luxembourg)


MH #1 (the Miller House), 2012

Digital pigment print (Ditone) on baryta paper

44,9 x 80 in. / 114 x 203 cm

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